creating a more pleasant building environment

The BMCS upgrade project is part of the ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and wellbeing, offering a plethora of benefits to customers and visitors alike.

Replacement of the bmcs

The upgrade of Riverside Centre's BMCS will deliver a more pleasant and enjoyable building environment for all. This project is currently underway, with the expected completion scheduled in 2016.

Benefits of the upgrade

  • Optimised airflow through the building 
  • Additional sensors and monitoring points to better understand the building operation
  • Implementation of energy control strategies to improve the building's carbon footprint
  • Live monitoring of comfort conditions and energy usage through KPI's
  • Email and SMS alarms to report on HVAC issues early
  • New technology with a customer-friendly after hours web scheduler

the new system

The new BMCS system is based on the latest web technology, meaning it can be accessed from an internet browser. An Intuituve Web Interface for customer HVAC afterhours requests will also be introduced with the upgrade.

after hours web scheduler

Using the latest web technology, the new BMCS system includes the introduction of an Intuitive Web Interface for afterhours requests.

This system is easily accessed via an internet browser, with a user friendly interface and individual tenant login available. 

Features of this new web scheduler include: scheduling of after hours air conditioning, scheduling functionality for special events as well as operational reporting.

For more information on this project, feel free to get in contact with our Building Management Team.